Predrag Bojic

To Whom It May concern,

My name is Predrag Bojic, and I'm  professional in web design, video editing of television commercials, making music videos, documentary and promo films, operate professional television cameras, panoramic photography and virtual tours, live audio video internet streaming in Full HD resolution, also in 360 video technology. I have years of experience in these fields, as well as my successful work of over 25 years on television. I have great equipment for the above jobs.

I professionally do 360 video recording and I have the knowledge to later process this videos. I also have the equipment for live (real time) audio video streaming over the internet in Full HD and 360 video over the internet and it is possible to watch live TV broadcasts via mobile phones, tablets and computers. After direct TV cast, audio video material remains permanently available on the Internet, so it can be viewed again completely for free.

I am versed in various jobs and I am constantly trying to make progress and learn something new in the areas of media, marketing and information technologies. 

The reason I contact you is my will to raise standards and level of quality of service to the highest possible level, together as a part of a good team.


These are examples of my knowledge on virtual tours, and it's about your business that can raise a better marketing approach for end users:


Here you can see a short promotional video about virtual tours:

Virtual Tours - intro by pbojic


360 degree virtual tour can be easily viewed on mobile phones and tablets, as well as on laptop and desktop computers and is not conditioned to be followed only by the latest generation of equipment, but also works well on older devices.

I have ultra fast computer servers that are connected to the fastest internet connection with optical cables where it is possible to store all virtual scenes and from there to link to your site where you make announcements about renting or selling apartments and houses, so you do not have the cost of Internettraffic and you are not conditioned by the speed of your server where your site is hosted. Through my server, everything is enabled without restriction.

My virtual tours are very flexible and adaptable to all users. It can be used with a computer mouse, graphic board and pencil, touchpad or touch screen, and even using VR glasses. The system is adapted to users and their equipment. If a user has an old computer or tablet or phone, and virtualisation will work on those devices because the whole project is working in the advanced PHP5 programming language.


The process of creating a virtual tour looks like this:

- going to the shooting location where shooting is done with special 360 degree cameras

- returning from the field where shooting was recorded with the recorded material and storage of data from 360 video cameras into the computer for further processing

- computer image processing and their aesthetic and visual processing, post-production editing (color balance, light, shading, etc.)

- creating virtual tours with professional software programs

- programming virtual tours in PHP5 programming language for the site

- uploading the final virtual tours to my ultra-fast servers

- saving the embeding code for posting to your site

- inserting the link of the final virtual tour to your site

- testing virtual tours on various devices due to the compatibility and verification of virtual tours.


Your regular practice of photographing apartments and houses can continue and keep in line with virtual tours, so on your site you also have a virtual tour through the apartment, house, and the classic photos you are currently posting on your site.


It is also possible to perform 3D mapping of space. 3D Spaces are more than 3D models or virual tours. They're a completely new form of immersive 3D media that invites you to explore a place as if you were really there. I can create interactive 3D and VR experiences, and print-ready 4K photography, all with an automated system that is incredibly easy to use.

Here are some examples:





I live in Serbia, but it is not a problem for me to come to your country and bring all my IT equipment with me if I knew that I would have salary and provided quality and comfortable accommodation where I would live and work on further development and improvement of the quality of services our team work.


I expect your opinions and suggestions to know if you are interested in my offer. 




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